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First listen – Bryant Dope new single ‘Worth’ via Mass Appeal

“Raw Dope EP is about me finding myself as an artist and making songs is the rawest form, The song ‘Worth’ is about me stripping away the facade of the rapper life and posing a question, what are words really worth? People have a message but the message is only successful if it is understood. ‘Worth’ is a track of me explaining what I’m here to do as an artist and the change I’m going to inflict. ‘Worth’ is a raw reflection of my life.” -Bryant Dope


Mass Appeal


Happy Halloween || MondreMAN new video for ‘Intro Video’

Watch Main Attrakionz’s – MondreMAN’s creepy video for ‘Intro Shit’ via Noisey

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 3.47.58 PM


Ladygunn interviews Cities Aviv

Get to know Cities Aviv and prepare yourself for his 2014 album release

Read the full interview over at Ladygunn


Video Premiere || Fat Tony – “Smart Ass Black Boy”

Fat Tony digs deep into his Texan roots in his new video for “Smart Ass Black Boy” which just premiered at Billboard


Noisey just dropped Bryant Dope’s new video for ‘Fuck Wit It’

Young New York rapguy extraordinaire Bryant Dope takes an ominous tooth-rattling bassline and turns it on its ear, creating one of the weirdest rap hands-ing anthems this side of that one time Droop-E flipped a Björk sample that one time. –Noisey


FADER premiered Cities Aviv first single – “URL IRL”

“URL IRL,” the self-produced lead single from his just-announced Come To Life LP, takes Dilla-style sampling to a hyperactive, joyful, almost footwork-fast extreme, while Mays erupts in a series of sunken, shout-rapped affirmations, racing alongside the beat in a manner that only seems to underscore the off-kilter meter of the rhythm he’s chosen to rap over. It jams, in a giddily counter-intuitive way, and while it may only further obfuscate the enigmatic inner workings of its creator’s brain, Mays’ explanation of the title paints him as something of a digital era philosopher: “URL IRL is a pseudonym for YOU IN REAL and I IN REAL. To be fully realized. The internet enables interaction between conscious bodies unlike ever before.” –FADER


Welcome to the Young One family – Cities Aviv!

Come To Life drops January 28, 2014



Cities Aviv

Cities Aviv first garnered attention in 2011 with his debut release Digital Lows, in which he created a lush soundscape by casting an array of musical influences, along with the rich heritage of Memphis rap, into the alchemical cauldron and set it to boil. Digital Lows attempted to shine light into the murky depths of interconnected living in the material plane, and explore the detritus of a technological life, while also lyrically conveying the growing pains of the new self. 2012’s Black Pleasure, sonically challenged listeners, as the rich tones of Digital Lows began to deconstruct into a blown-out and gritty resonance, transporting listeners to a separate reality where the lines of pleasure and pain are entangled and debauch is the natural order.

Amid this chaos, Aviv pummeled listeners with an appeal to assess their own realities, habits, and processes, and asserts that “Life is Real,” a seemingly simple statement, yet a fact that is often taken for granted. His third album Come to Life sees Aviv come full circle- finding a balance amid the turbulence of burgeoning adulthood in the URL and IRL, and arising from the transformative flames as a harbinger of the new paradigm. Aviv’s street gospel stylings affix themselves in union with the eternal essence, and exist outside of the confines of trend, genre, or time-signature, flowing organically within the digital corridor. While his work will forever remain personal, Come to Life is also universal, and petitions listeners to reclaim their individualities, their dreams, and their true desires. Cities Aviv is Wilbert Gavin. Life is real. Come to Life.


Fat Tony playing Brooklyn Bowl w/EPMD

Catch Fat Tony opening up for EPMD at Brooklyn Bowl tonight (9/23)!

Summerstage Presents:
25th Anniversary Celebration of “Strictly Business”, DJ Scratch, Fat Tony

DOORS: 6:00 PM / SHOW: 9:00 PM
Buy Tickets


MONDREM.A.N. of Main Attrakionz Announces Debut Solo Album

Listen to the first single – “MC Illin” via Pitchfork


Track List:
1. Intro Shit
2. Git Stupid Rich ft. Shady Blaze
3. It’s All Good
5. Ancient Times
6. Sometimes
7. Wett
8. Thick
9. Struggle Rap
10. C2 ft. Hasani
11. Atta Boy ft. Squadda Bambino, DaVinci & Shady Blaze
12. Zoney Nights 2

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